set up a custom domain name on blogger

set up a custom domain name on blogger

How to set up a custom domain name on blogger? complete guide

How to host a website for free on blogger?

set up a custom domain name on blogger: Making a Website from scratch is very simple. First of all, we will figure out what do you actually need to make a Website on the blogger then we will discuss the Website internal things.

Now first thing first if you want to host your website for free on blogger then you will need a Domain name first. This is the only requirement that you have so you can use your custom domain in place of a blogger blog. Now we will start with the first step.

Create a simple blog on

Now, first of all, open and if you have a google email account then you just need to login to blogger with your Gmail account. Blogger is also a product by google itself. Now when you will log in to the blogger with your email. You will find an option to create a blog. Click on create a blog. Now it will ask you to give a blog title and blog address. Now here blog address need to be unique, maybe the name you want is already taken. So try to make it unique. Although you don’t need to worry about that as later we will change it to our domain name.

Setting up a custom domain name for your blog

Now your blog is created so it’s time to set up a custom domain name for your blog. In this way, you don’t need to pay for hosting ever for this website.

  • Click on settings on the left-hand side of your blogger page.
  • When you will click on settings automatically the basic option of setting will open. In this section, you will find a publishing section.
  • In the publishing section, you will find a blog address where your just chosen name is written and underneath that, you will find set up a third-party URL for your blog. Just click on that.
set up a custom domain name on blogger

when you will click on that then it will ask for the blog name, which means your domain name. Now put the domain name there.

host a website for free

When you will try to save with that name some like this will appear –

We have not been able to verify your authority in this domain. On your domain registrar’s website, locate your Domain Name System (DNS) settings and enter the following two CNAMEs:

NameLabel, or Host fieldDestinationTarget, or Points To field

See our detailed instructions on providing CNAMEs for various registrars or see the full settings instructions for more details. If you are having trouble entering the second CNAME to, you can verify your ownership of this domain with a TXT record through the Google Search Console here instead.
If your domain provider supports it, download the DNS settings file.

Changes need to be done at Domain registrar

Now login to your domain registrar and go to DNS settings and as written above in the instructions. Add two cname’s to your DNS record. The first column is showing host or label and second is the value or points to section. You just need to fill that DNS records to complete this. All three name cname, host and Label is told as different host show different names. Just like that 3 names are used in the destination section. Now click on save again after some time and you are done. Now your custom domain name is set to your blogger.

I believe that the article resolved all your questions related to setting up your custom domain name on your blogger.